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Over the counter medication use during pregnancy

There is no medication considered to be 100% safe in pregnancy. Each medication carries risks and benefits. Therefore, we recommend that you limit the use of medication unless absolutely needed or recommended by your doctor and to minimize the doses and number of days taken. Unless a medication is prescribed by our office, you should not use it until you have discussed it with your obstetrician. Here is a list of some over-the-counter medications that are considered safe to take in moderation and only as needed. When taking any of these medications, please use them only as directed.

ALLERGIES: Ocean nasal spray/Saline nasal spray
Cool mist humidifier
COLDS/NASA CONGESTION: Rest and plenty of fluids
Use a cool mist humidifier
Saline nasal spray
Tylenol (plain or extra strength)
Tylenol cold and sinus
Afrin nasal spray (no more than 3 day use)

CAUTION: decongestants may raise your
blood pressure, therefore use limited
amounts for short (3-5days) periods of time

fever over 101
persistent cough
COUGH: Robitussin DM/guiafenesin persistent cough
Fever over 101
SORE THROAT: Alcohol free throat lozenges like chloraseptic persistent cough
Fever over 101
CONSTIPATION: Increase fluid and fiber in your diet
Milk of magnesia
Glyserine suppositories/Fleets enemas
DIARRHEA: BRAT diet (banana, rice, applesauce,toast)
diarrhea longer
24 hours/fever
HEADACHE: Tylenol (plain or extra strength) persistent or severe
HEMORRHOIDS: Chilled witch hazel packs(tucks)
Sitz baths
Anusol cream or suppositories
bleeding or severe pain
INDIGESTION: Maalox/Mylanta/Tums
Pepcid /Zantac
Prilosec (after 20 weeks)
NAUSEA/VOMITING Ginger tablets or tea
Sea-band wrist bands
Vitamin B6 25mg  every 8hrs
Unisom 1/2tab in am and lunch 1 full tab
at bedtime
vomiting, weight
loss >5lbs, or
inability to keep
fluids down for 24 hours
INSOMNIA: Benadryl
Tylenol p.m.
Vitamin B6  50mg
VAGINAL YEAST: Monistat Symptoms persist
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